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Community Groups

Submit a research request or other project proposal!

We welcome project submissions from grassroots community groups and not-for-profit organizations. We are open to different requests and collaborations, from more traditional research to technology-based projects and artwork. Check out our current project database for examples and feel free to think outside the box.


CURE welcomes new project proposals throughout the year, although it is ideal to have proposals submitted by the beginning of the semester (September or January), especially for long-term projects. We retain projects in the database for as long as the research need remains valid.


We are committed to maintaining confidentiality and take our lead from the needs of your organization.  If you have concerns about the security of your information, about the ethical framework that will be used to conduct the research, or any other issues which demand specific conditions from CURE, please notify us of your concerns along with your request. CURE aims to preserve the autonomy of all community groups and organizations by ensuring the research they request is conducted according to their specific needs and mandates.

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