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You can support CURE in your classroom!

Typically a CURE project involves four actors: the CURE Coordinator, the community organization, the student and the professor. Professors provide important academic guidance to project, lending their research expertise to both students and the community organization.

Three ways professors can help CURE:

1- Schedule a classroom visit by one of our CURE members. Usually done at the beginning the semester, our coordinator gives a short 5-10 min presentation on CURE, describes how they can get involved and answers questions about the program. If you would like to book a classroom presentation, please fill out the on-line application form below.

2- Make CURE apart of your curriculum. CURE can be incorporated into your curriculum, by This is an excellent way of promoting CURE. Several professors have already integrated CURE into their syllabus, and it is the most successful way to attract students. Here is one example

3- Talk to your colleagues. Although CURE continues to evolve every year, we are still a relatively small project and need help keeping up with faculty and course changes.

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